Alsihum - an alternative treatment for cancer?

Alsihum* is a relatively new breakthrough in the field of Alternative Medicine. Our 100% natural formula was developed by CED Tech Health Ltd. in conjunction with world-renowned specialists in the field of Cancer Research. The formula is based on Judaic, Islamic and other ancient sources.

Alsihum is currently available to the general public in a limited and controlled basis. Alsihum may be used either by itself or in conjunction with Standard Cancer Treatment and Therapy.

Alsihum is currently patented in the U.S. and E.U. as an Anti-Cancer herbal compound. More than 11 plant derivatives are combined in a synergistic formula which brings out their full cytotoxic and immuno-stimulant effect.

Our most recent test results show that Alsihum kills cancer cells that appear to be resistant to conventional drugs. In fact, the potency of Alsihum against drug-sensitive cells was nearly as potent against multi-drug resistant cells. In certain cases even a 1% solution caused 100% kill against cancer cells in-vitro.

To date, there is nearly no other existing alternative medicine that has been tested in-vitro and ex-vivo as extensively as Alsihum with such positive results in destroying cancer cells.

Although a relatively new treatment, Alsihum has already been enthusiastically received by many of the well-known referral groups. It is already included in the prestigious Moss Reports as an anti-cancer alternative medicine.

*The name, "Alzium", has been changed to Alsihum due trademark issues. No change has been made to the patented product formula.