Alsihum*, our exciting medical breakthrough, is a result of over 25 years of thorough research in the field of ancient herbal remedies, including Judaic, Islamic and other ancient sources.

While in Jerusalem, researchers at CED Tech Health Ltd. discovered a 500 year old manuscript, written in a peculiar cursive form of ancient Hebrew. Intrigued, they eagerly began to decipher and translate the document. The team was then unaware that the text would reveal a formula for the treatment of colds, flu and other ailments. By combining those findings and other ancient formulas with modern herbal research, a very potent extract has been formulated.

The initial formula was tested on 800 people against flu and viruses with over 80% efficacy. Hearing of its efficacy in fighting viral disease, Dr. Arnold Freeman, then Chief of Hematology and Oncology of Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, MO. tested 3 vials of Alsihum for any cytotoxicity against model tumor cells. After 2 months of intensive testing, Dr. Freeman was convinced of Alsihum's substantial tumor-killing effect. At this point Dr. Freeman felt responsible to recommend it to his Stage-four terminal cancer patients.

Further laboratory testing was conducted by Dr. Albert Leyva, Director of Cancer Pharmacology Lab. The preliminary test results were extremely positive, demonstrating that 3 of the extracts were highly active. Doctors familiar with the research and aware that over 800 patients had taken Alsihum with no side-effects, recommended it to patients searching for an alternative to traditional cancer treatments. Of the first 30 patients, (all terminal cases), at least 8 experienced partial remissions, 2 of which were long-term. 4 of the patients were receiving other forms of treatment, but did not see any positive responses until they began taking Alsihum.

Alsihum is a 100% natural herbal compound developed by researchers at CED Tech Health in Jerusalem, Israel. In addition to combining these specific herbs in exact proportions, our patented process of extraction is very unique. Long years of research led us to uncover a long forgotten ancient process of preparing herbs. The benefit is that a much more potent formula can be extracted with a minimal quantity of alcohol.

Modern lab testing confirms what has been known throughout the millennia- the powerful medicinal properties of the plant kingdom. Our formula consists of 9 herbs in a base of water and alcohol. It includes: cone flower, myrrh, skullcap, burdock, saffron and cayenne. These herbs have been selected for their synergetic effect- some strengthen the immune system while others have actually been shown to kill cancer cells. For example:

Cone Flower (Echinacea)
One of the most recognized healing herbs in the world, Echinacea activates and vitalizes the immune system in at least 6 different ways. In the 19th century, it was popularized by a group of American doctors as a natural antibiotic for fighting infection and inflammation. In fact, it was included in the National Formulary pharmacists' reference book between 1916 and 1946. Laboratory tests verify its ability to activate the body's defense system.

Myrrh (Commiphora myrrha)
Myrrh is an oleo-gum resin collected from bushy shrubs in Arabia and Somalia. It has been used for centuries as an antifungal, an immune system stimulant, for cauterizing cuts and wounds and for binding toxins.

Skullcap (Scutellaria latoriflora L.)
One of the leading herbs in the treatment of nervous disorders, Skullcap contains scutellarin, a flavonoid with relaxing properties. It is used by the American Indians as a tranquilizer and for menstrual disorders.

Cayenne(Capsicum frutescens)
Cayenne is used as a digestive aid, a circulatory stimulant and a nerve tonic. 800 years ago, Maimonides testified to Cayenne's role in the digestive process. Increasing blood circulation, the sharp plant can relieve pain and heal illness.

*The name, "Alzium", has been changed to Alsihum due trademark issues. No change has been made to the patented product formula.