Some Testimonials

"Before taking Alzium*, I couldn't move, read or write properly. After 45 days, not only did I feel stronger but I was able to return to work. My problems with reading and writing minimized, and I generally feel much better." Professor Bar Lev was diagnosed with recurring glioblastoma multiforme (aggressive brain tumor)

Mordechai Bar Lev, Professor of Sociology
Bar Ilan University, Israel

"I stopped all chemo -- it was not helping and I knew that I had to pursue a different healing process. I started a well-known alternative treatment, but I saw no results. However, 2 months after taking Alzium, the tumors were shrinking and the fluid in my heart was gone. The dead cancer cells found in my blood stream indicated that the drops were working and the killing effect was going on continuously. My doctors were shocked . . ."

Mrs. R.F.
New York, NY

"My son was diagnosed with inoperable neuroblastoma. He was off the chemo and it was difficult to start thinking about it again. We wanted something natural. We started the [Alzium] drops and to everyone's surprise the tumor went down. We continued monitoring the condition and the tumor kept going down; a lot has calcified."

Mrs. Ben-Dov
Jerusalem, Israel

"I saw my oncologist today. The lymph node enlargement on the side of my neck appears to be substantially reduced, if not gone altogether. So are several small enlargements that he was able to manually detect 8 weeks ago. Thanks for your help!

*The name, "Alzium", has been changed to Alsihum due trademark issues. No change has been made to the patented product formula.