Eight of the plant extracts in Alsihum* were studied extensively for cytotoxic effects on cancer cell lines at the Cancer Pharmacology Laboratory of Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, MO. The human cell lines tested included leukemia, colon, glioma, breast, ovarian, adrenal and lung cancer.

The principal researchers were Dr. Albert Levya, PhD., Director of the Cancer Pharmacology Lab; and Dr. Arnold I. Freeman, M.D., the Chief of Hematology and Oncology.

Our results indicate that the plant extracts in Alzium* contain cytotoxic substances which have differential effects against these specific forms of tumor cells. Even cell lines over 100 times more resistant to conventional chemotherapy drugs were considerably sensitive to Alzium.

Figure 1: cytotoxic effects of plant extracts on HCT-8 colon tumor cells

The herbs tested against several normal human cell lines have shown minimal toxicity toward normal skin fibroblasts cells. Additionally, three extracts were effective against a multi-drug resistant cell line, indicating that the active substances are not similar in structure to several conventional drugs which are limited in use because of multi-drug resistance.

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In short, the herbs demonstrated the ability to kill cancerous cells while leaving healthy, normal cells intact.

The herbs were then tested against fresh tumor cells derived from individual patients with tumors of different types. These extracts were remarkably effective against tumor cells which were either rapidly dividing (as in cultured cells) or were slow in growth (as in patients actual tumors). When the herb extract was diluted as a much as 1 part per thousand it was effective against these cell lines.

Overall, preliminary testing indicates that Alzium is a formula containing components which kill cancer cells.

Our most recent test results indicate that human tumor cells had the least multi-drug resistance to Alzium compared to conventional forms of cancer treatment. The tests showed that Alzium kills cancer cells that appear to be resistant to conventional drugs. In fact, the potency of Alzium against drug-sensitive cells was nearly as potent against multi-drug resistant cells. In certain cases, even a 1% solution caused 100% kill against cancer cells in vitro.

*The name, "Alzium", has been changed to Alsihum due trademark issues. No change has been made to the patented product formula.