Presently, we are making Alsihum* available to the public in a controlled way, as an herbal food supplement.

Alsihum is in liquid form. The drops are diluted in a glass of liquid and taken throughout the day as instructed. The course of treatment is combined with a sensible eating plan as well as suggestions for beginning a simple exercise program to aid the detoxification process. This comprehensive approach may aid the body's capabilities to overcome cancer in harmony with nature.

I've heard some miraculous stories about Alsihum*. Are they true?

Some of the 'miraculous' results you've heard about, may be solely attributed to Alsihum, but it is far too early to make such claims. We anticipate that this web site will provide everyone with information on the tests done with Alsihum.

Are there any side effects?

In the 150 people that have taken Alsihum, we have observed the following possible side effects: Diarrhea- this seems to pass after several days; Dizziness- this may be due to the alcohol content, about 0.03% per dose in a glass of liquid. Allowing liquid to stand for 3 to 5 minutes or addition of hot (not boiling) water and allowing to stand for 1 to 2 minutes before drinking should eliminate this problem; Mood swings- this was remedied by taking 1/5 dose for 3 days and gradually increasing to a full dose; Dry mouth- drinking a soothing herbal tea should eliminate this problem.

Most other symptoms were traced to chemotherapy or previous ailments. In cases of ulcer or stomach cancer, it probably would be best not to use Alsihum since it may cause slight irritation of the stomach lining.

Can Alsihum be taken with chemotherapy or other drugs?

Until we complete all testing, we suggest the following: Stop Alsihum 2 days before taking chemo and resume 2 days after treatment. Since we have not yet fully evaluated drug interactions, we recommend either not taking Alsihum at the same time as other anticancer drugs, or to take a very small dose for several days to see whether it interacts adversely with other medications.

Can Alsihum be beneficial for people who have completed all treatments and are in "complete remission?"

There may be a possible prophylactic effect of Alsihum in clearing our stray cancer cells. In addition to the cancer-killing compounds, Alsihum also contains effective immune-enhancing compounds that boost the body's immune defense system.

Should I take other forms of treatment while taking Alsihum?

Cancer and other chronic illnesses are very individualized. People with exactly the same type of tumor will most likely respond to completely different forms of treatment. We believe that Alsihum should be used as a complimentary form of treatment with, not instead of, other treatments.

Does Alsihum provide any other benefits?

Although there is no clinical data, patients who have used Alsihum have successfully treated conditions like gout, breast infections and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. And don't forget, Alsihum has also been used as a very effective treatment for flu and viral infection.

*The name, "Alzium", has been changed to Alsihum due trademark issues. No change has been made to the patented product formula.